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Company News About One Component Adhesive for PU Thinkbond 940T
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One Component Adhesive for PU Thinkbond 940T

Latest company news about One Component Adhesive for PU Thinkbond 940T

Polyurethane adhesive THINKBOND 940T


Thinkbond 940T is a single-coat reactive adhesive for undercoating and bonding a variety of polar substrates. These substrates include steel, electroplated metals, aluminum, brass, aramid, carbon fiber, etc., as well as many thermoplastics (e.g., nylon, polyester, PPS, PPO, PEEK, PES, PBT, carbon fiber) and some thermosetting resins (e.g., urethane, epoxy, and formaldehyde resins).


The Thinkbond 940T is a third-generation product that combines technology to provide long-lasting bonding in harsh environments. It solves the pain points such as high cost of elastic bonding of casting polyurethane, insufficient strength, affecting surface stability, and inability to dilute with solvent without easy drug production certificate.



Raw material system: TDI NDI

Performance summary: Good bonding strength, more than 45N, roll test passed, excellent hydrolysis resistance (70℃ for one week)


CPU caster

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System: TDI+MOCA


Operation process: anhydrous ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, butanone or acetone diluted 0.5-0.8 times brush use (spray can be diluted more than 1 times)


Glue properties: aluminum, steel surface sandblasting treatment, high bonding strength, and glue products can also resist hydrolysis. It is easy to cope with the conventional pouring process, and the high temperature performance of the molding process is also excellent.


Product introduction


THINKBOND 940T is a high performance hot vulcanized adhesive suitable for casting, moulding processes where pouring temperatures can be 90-140°C and moulding temperatures can be operated from 140-165°C. This product can resist acid and alkali, hydrolysis, dynamic and static performance is excellent.


Suitable for: forklift wheel, rubber roller, synchronous belt, track plate, pipe lining, seal, scraper.


Product advantage


1. Ethanol, xylene, isopropyl alcohol and other non-toxic solvents can be diluted, and the effect of molding CPU is better


2. Versatility -Thinkbond 40T can be used as a base coat for a wide range of polar substrates and as an adhesive for many thermosetting resins such as urane and DAP.


3. Easy to use - easy to apply by spray, dip, roll or polyester felt applicator.


4. Fast drying - Thinkbond 40T contains a fast drying solvent to help reduce manufacturing time.


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