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Epoxy Electrical Release Agent Lubekote 9035L

Epoxy Electrical Release Agent Lubekote 9035L   APG transformer The role of the transformer Transformers have important applications in power systems. It can convert the current, voltage and other information in the high-voltage power grid into low-level signals that meet the detection standards, so as to achieve remote monitoring, control and protection functions. In addition, the transformer can also measure electric energy, providing important data support for power enterprises.       Mutual inductor common demoulding problems The transformer is produced by casting and APG, both of which need to go through the procedures of batching, casting, initial curing and demoulding. In the demoulding process, the choice of products and improper use, it is easy to appear surface flow marks, wrinkle, demoulding is not smooth, surface gloss is not ideal, the secondary process is affected, etc., reducing product quality and reducing production efficiency. In addition, the traditional release products, the smell is relatively large, affecting the on-site production environment.   LubeKote 9035L is an innovative release agent developed according to the needs of many customers. It not only improves the smell, but also the on-site use feedback by customers: the flash point exceeds 60 degrees colorless and odorless can be smoothly demoulded, and the price is very high.     LubeKote 9035L Is a high performance semi-permanent series release agent Used in all kinds of epoxy resin mold products such as insulator, transformer, high voltage switch, solid seal pole, dry transformer and so on Features, it can be quickly and easily demoulded, and a spray can be demoulded many times without transferring to the surface of the product to affect the performance. Advantages:  The die layer is clean, clean, and can be tightly bonded to the die surface  easy to operate  less migration, will not be transferred to molded products and can improve the appearance of products  does not affect the secondary process, bonding, printing of the product  can keep the mold clean for a long time and reduce the rate of defective products  Spray can use multiple release cycles at one time, improve production efficiency  Improve the cleanliness of the mold, prolong the washing cycle