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Company News About New Year's Eve Party
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New Year's Eve Party

Latest company news about New Year's Eve Party


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In 2023, with the joint efforts of all employees, the company's performance is thriving. This achievement is inseparable from the hard work of every employee and the spirit of teamwork.

2024 is the traditional Chinese Year of the Dragon, and to celebrate this special year, Lorechem has arranged a grand New Year's Eve dinner in the beautiful city of Hangzhou. The dinner party was full of lights and decorations. With cheerful music, exciting raffles and exciting awards, families enjoyed a memorable evening together.


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At the banquet scene, a strong band performed a wonderful performance, and the energetic music made the atmosphere reach a climax.
The band members dressed in exaggerated costumes and played the songs with passion. Such a scene makes people feel incredibly free and released, as if in this moment, all the constraints and pressure are thrown out of the cloud.

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On the new journey in 2024, Lorechem will continue to uphold the core concept of "quality for survival, service for development, talent for opportunity, struggle for prosperity", and join hands with all employees to create a more brilliant future.