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Company News About Exhibition Plan
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Exhibition Plan

Latest company news about Exhibition Plan

AP-Rubber Plas 2023

18th-21st July

This year is the second time in a row to participate in the AP-Rubber Plas exhibition, and the customer group of visitors is mainly in North China. Mainly in order to let North China enterprise customers to further understand our Leruigu, into Leruigu. We not only have release agent & adhesive products, but also have a strong support team to provide solutions and technical services on site. In addition, we have set up offices in Qingdao and Jinan, welcome North China customers to negotiate cooperation.

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UTECH Asia/PU China 2023

2nd-4th August

Our company participates the PU China exhibition every year. This time we are waiting for your customers in Guangzhou. Welcome to come to our booth for face to face communicate about the release agent and adhesive.

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RubberTech China 2023

4th-6th September

The International Rubber Technology Exhibition is postponed from 2022 to this year, and Shanghai is the economic center of the entire East China market, where China's large and small enterprises are gathered. We have been participating in the rubber release agent industry for more than 10 years, and also have a certain reputation. Every year through the exhibition will meet a lot of new friends, and also catch up with old friends. This year, our R&D department has launched a cost-effective thermal vulcanization adhesive. We will provide technical consulting services on site and look forward to meeting you in September.

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China Composites Expo

12th-14th September

The China Composites Exhibition in the second half of this year is the third exhibition of our Composites division. Each exhibition has its own characteristics, the first two were held in Guangzhou (composite products exhibition), Beijing (SAMPE exhibition), this time in Shanghai, these three exhibitions are held in China's most economically developed areas, indicating the importance of composite materials application and front-end. It is the latest development of a large class of new materials, applied to cutting-edge high-performance composite products, we need more platforms to communicate, learn, share new technology, new knowledge. Welcome to visit the booth, exchange and study together.

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2023 1st HP-RTM Meeting

3th-5th August

HP-RTM process is a new RTM process technology introduced in recent years to cope with mass production of high-performance thermosetting composite parts. It adopts supporting preforming technology to impregnate and cure the fiber with resin through high pressure mixed injection in a closed vacuum mold cavity, which can achieve low cost, short cycle (large volume) and high quality production.


In the first session, we will set up a booth on the site to share the experience of using LRUigu's products and release agents with you, and reduce costs and increase efficiency for the production of composite products.

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