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Company News About Beijing SMAPE Exhibition
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Beijing SMAPE Exhibition

Latest company news about Beijing SMAPE Exhibition

Congratulating SMAPE Beijing Exhibition on its Successful Conclusion


Two years later, all the good things came as expected. Members of LRUigu Composite Business Division brought environmental protection release agent, sealing agent, washing water, etc., to participate in the "SAMPE China 2023 Annual Meeting and the 18th International Advanced Composite Products, Raw Materials, Tooling and Engineering Application Exhibition.


In the 3-day exhibition, we met the friendly new and old friends, talked about market opportunities, cooperation direction, product release requirements, release agent technical solutions and so on...... Each other to further understand the product, deepen the impression.

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We believe that the development of the composites business is a time full of opportunities. Under the national strategy of "reaching the peak of carbon and carbon neutrality", the fields of wind power, hydrogen energy, photovoltaic, rail transit, and new energy transportation have comprehensively driven the progress of the manufacturing and application technology of the whole industrial chain of composite materials.

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Lorechem high-performance composite release agent 420° high temperature resistance, low migration, environmental protection, odorless multiple demoulding and other advantages are used in (aerospace, national defense, new energy, ships, high-speed trains, automobiles, electronic appliances, medical, sports and leisure industries.